WCCN is an open-source global credit network that connects lenders, borrowers and loan originators on the blockchain to create frictionless, transparent and borderless debt markets.

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The Network

In an increasingly globalized world, WCCN harnesses blockchain technology to bridge credit supply and demand across borders, creating a new ecosystem for decentralized debt products.

The decentralized marketplace allows lenders to reach the most profitable debt markets around the world, no matter where they are. Learn more ⇾
The network connects credit markets’ stakeholders with key Decentralized Finance service providers, including ID verifiers, scoring agents and exchanges. Learn more ⇾
The platform provides financial institutions, fintech lending companies and blockchain startups with access to global credit supply. Learn more ⇾


Blockchain technology allows the WCCN network to outperform existing lending solutions by creating a frictionless, transparent and completely borderless alternative to traditional debt markets.


By reducing fees and eliminating entry barriers the network increases efficiency throughout the lending process.


WCCN smart-contracts ensure non-custodial storage of all funds and full auditability of every transaction.


The network seamlessly connects borrowers and creditors from all around the world.

Meet the decentralized marketplace

WCCN credit marketplace is mounted on top of a state-of-the-art decentralized application (dApp), which combines the usual tools and features of digital lending platforms with all the transparency and security of the blockchain.